Best Time To Visit Dubai

BEST TIME FOR SIGHTSEEING: If you’re looking for the ideal combination of fewer crowds and pleasant weather, the best time for sightseeing in Dubai is between mid-November and early December, and again during the first half of March.


BEST TIME TO VISIT BURJ KHALIFA: Dubai’s most popular attraction provides the opportunity to experience “At The Top,” the highest viewing platform in the world. During the winter months, the lines can be very long, especially just before sunset, the most popular time to visit – if you have a good camera, you can capture the city during the day, at sunset, and at night, with the endless sparkling lights below.


BEST TIME FOR SHOPPING: Dubai is a shopper’s paradise, but even more so during the month of January when the Dubai Shopping Festival is held. You’ll enjoy significant discounts – as much as 75%, on just about every item imaginable, including electronics, jewelry, fashion and more.


BEST TIME FOR CHEAPER HOTEL RATES: Accommodation rates are at their lowest during the summer, when temperatures are sizzling and it’s far too hot to enjoy the outdoors. To attract more visitors, many hotels offer excellent deals, including reduced rates and sometimes even free meals at their onsite restaurants.


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